What do we do?

Weekly meetings

In our weekly meetings we learn and practice various aspects of debating as well as have a debate or two. To get an easy start for debating, just pop up here!


After our weekly debates the fun and discussions continue at restaurant Sohwi next to the university, where it is possible to enjoy food and beverages as well as the conversation. Debating is only half of the fun!

Debate workshops

Every now and then we also arrange additional workshop afternoons / Saturdays for our members, where the purpose is to have several debates during one day. These workshops provide a possibility for intensive training and quick learning.

Some of these workshops can also be arranged by other debate societies in Finland. These workshops are usually followed by a social event in the evening, and in addition to learning and great fun, they are also a good way to get to know other debaters around Finland.


There are various debating tournaments arranged around the world – and lately, there has been a couple in Finland as well. Participating in tournaments is voluntary, and while it is always somewhat nerve-wrecking , at least if you’re a competitive person by nature, it is also a great way to improve your debating skills in a very short time as well as meet other members of the debate community from around the world, make new friends and participate in nice socials.

Here you can find out about debate competitions:

Other activities

In addition to our debate-related activities, the society can also arrange other activities such as board game nights and informal get-togethers.